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God is Dead, by Andy McGrath

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End to End, by Paul Jones

A history of the Lands End to John o’Groats record

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Raincoats are for Tourists, by Isabel Best

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Cafe Bookshelf

Cycling Novels – Beyond HG Wells and Tim Krabbé

Mythologies: Alphonse Steinès and the Invention of the Pyrénées

Mythologies: Major Taylor, Henri Desgrange and a Wheelbarrow Full of Centimes

When Josephine Baker Sprinkled Her Stardust on the Tour de France

From 1933 to 1938 the American star of the Jazz Age played a role in the Tour’s grand départ and in doing so helped reshape the Tour for a new audience.

Revolutionary Times – The Birth of the Women’s Hour Record

The First Hours - The Hour Record Before Henri Desgrange

A brief history of the Hour record before it was reinvented by Henri Desgrange

The Penny Hour - The Last Hour Record Set On A High-Wheeled Bicycle

Dirty Feet, by Les Woodland

A brief history of the Tour de France from the veteran cycling historian Les Woodland