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Win! Maglia Rosa, 2nd Edition, by Herbie Sykes!

Enter our contest to win a copy of the thrilling, comprehensive story of the Giro d'Italia!

Here at the Cafe we have extensively covered author Herbie Sykes' contributions to the Cycling lexicon, and today we have a chance to bring one of his wonderful books home to you! Courtesy of Bloomsbury Publishing, who have just released the second edition of Maglia Rosa: Triumph and Tragedy at the Giro d'Italia, we are giving this copy away to the winner of our Maglia Rosa contest!

First, about the book: Maglia Rosa was published in hard copy two years ago by Rouleur, and we reviewed it here. This second edition is in paperback, and includes some very interesting updates from the author, including a new introduction, some additional photographs, and a closing discussion about the state of Italian cycling in the Age of Acquarone. Unlike most "let's march through the history of a grand tour" books, Sykes isn't shy about editorializing, for the sake of adding some serious color and context to the story. The Giro doesn't need embellishment, and that's not what I'm talking about. Sykes knows the sport and has no hesitation in offering honest critiques.

[For more on Sykes, read fmk's interview series, starting here.]

The Contest

Answer me these riddles thr... um, four. And ye shall be entered into the drawing. Answers should be supplied in comments or on Twitter to @podiumcafe. You have 24 hours starting... NOW! [3pm Pacific, Wednesday] Deadline has been extended to 3pm Pacific, Friday.

  1. Who was the Eagle of the Canavese?
  2. Who was the Lion of Mugello?
  3. Who was the Spider of the Dolomites?
  4. In what year did this photo occur?



When we have a winner, I'll come back around and tell the story of this photo from a legendary Giro d'Italia. One you can read about in Maglia Rosa -- a retelling and a reprint of a contemporary news account. Photos too.

Main photo courtesy Bloomsbury Publishing, all rights reserved