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Cafe Bookshelf

Revolutionary Times – The Birth of the Women’s Hour Record

Cartes du Tour, by Paul Fournel

The Tour de France in maps.

The First Hours - The Hour Record Before Henri Desgrange

A brief history of the Hour record before it was reinvented by Henri Desgrange

The Night Stages, by Jane Urquhart

A literary novel that features the Rás.

Oppy, by Daniel Oakman

A biography of Hubert Opperman

Cafe Bookshelf: The Ultimate Comeback

New book re-calculates the life of Greg LeMond, champion cyclist and revived legend

In Pursuit of Spring, by Edward Thomas

A journey from the suburbs of south London to the Quantock Hills.

Gravel Cycling, by Nick Legan

Major Taylor - Wild Rabbit

Cycle Yorkshire, by Jonathan Brown

Ride! Ride! Ride!, by Mark Wellings

Piglettes, by Clémentine Beauvais

Sunday in Hell, by William Fotheringham

Bump, Bike & Baby, by Moire O’Sullivan

A Journey Through the Cycling Year, by the Cycling Podcast

The Ronde, by Edward Pickering

Rough Stuff Cycling in the Alps

the original guide to adventuring by bike in the Alps, reprinted with stunning vintage photography

The Best Cycling Books of 2017 ...

Rainbows in the Mud, by Paul Maunder

The Penny Hour - The Last Hour Record Set On A High-Wheeled Bicycle

Full Circle, by Joanna Rowsell Shand

Yet another contribution to the British-Cycling-And-My-Part-In-Its-Rise-And-Rise-And-Rise genre

The Cycling Cartoonist, by Dave Walker

Three Cheers for the Good Guys, by Frank Dickens

The History of Cycling in Fifty Bikes, by Tom Ambrose

You & A Bike & A Road, by Eleanor Davis

The Brooks Compendium of Cycling Culture, edited by Guy Andrews

Words to Ride By, by Michael Carabetta

Velopedia, by Robert Dineen

The Bicycle, by Mirrorpix

The Splendid Book of the Bicycle, by Daniel Tatarsky

The Edge, by Roger Pielke Jr

The Ascent, by Barry Ryan

The story of Irish cycling's golden years, from the rise of the Nouvelle Éire to the fall of Pat McQuaid