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Cafe Bookshelf

Game Changer, by Rayvon Fouché

Thoughts from the frontier of sports, science and technology.

The Cyclist's Tale and Other Short Cycling Stories, by Kevin Haylett

A new collection of cycling short stories.

Cycle of Hope, by Tricia Downing

What happens when a cyclist loses the use of their legs?

The Lost Cyclist, by David Herlihy

The story of the disappearance of would-be globe-girdler Frank Lenz

The Man and His Bike, by Wilfried de Jong

A collection of short stories and essays from the respected Dutch journalist Wilfried de Jong

Gods, Rockstars & the Cobbles, by Karen M Edwards

The 2017 cobbled classics season as seen through the lens of Karen M Edwards

Indurain, by Alasdair Fotheringham

A biography of Miguel Indurain, five-time winner of the Tour de France, two-time winner of the Giro d'Italia and one-time holder of the Hour record

Cycling Kerry, by Donnacha Clifford and David Elton

A guide to cycling in the south-west of Ireland

The Descent, by Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker's fall from grace.

Interview: Peter Cossins

Peter Cossins talks about his history of the first Tour de France which challenges what we think we know about the birth of the Tour

Interview: Max Leonard

The Higher Calling author talks about mountains and why we are so passionate about them.

The Hardmen, by the Velominati

A cycling miscellany of myths and legends from the pro peloton

Tom Simpson, by Andy McGrath

A lavishly illustrated biography of Tom Simpson.

Anquetil, Alone, by Paul Fournel

Jacques Anquetil - the man, the myth, the model.

Vélo, by Paul Fournel

Cycling writing at its best.

Ventoux, by Jeremy Whittle

Mont Ventoux and its meaning.

Three Weeks Eight Seconds, by Nige Tassell

The 1989 Tour - one of the best?

Cafe Bookshelf: Dissecting the Proto-Tour

The First Tour de France, by Peter Cossins

Short Ride on a Fast Machine, by Magnus McGrandle

A London cycle courier goes to Norway to pick up a stuffed owl

At the Edge, by Danny MacAskill

Street-trials rider and internet sensation Danny MacAskill tells his story.

From Bicycle to Superbike, by Tony Hadland and Mike Burrows

An illustrated authorised biography of Mike Burrows, a man who has changed how we think bikes should look.

Knowing the Score, by David Papineau

Philosophy meets sport

The Brave Athlete, by Simon Marshall & Lesley Paterson

Self help for sporting types with a twist of mindfulness

Ask a Pro, by Phil Gaimon

Bantz-and-snark from the author of Pro Cycling On $10 A Day.

Higher Calling, by Max Leonard

Road cycling's obsession with the mountains

Stumps and Cranks, by Sonia Sanghani

An introduction to cycling for amputees.

Britain by Bike, by Jane Eastoe

Great British Bicycle Journeys

The Velocipede Races, by Emily June Street

A steampunk cycling romance.

Alfonsina, by Ilona Kamps

A photo novel evoking the life of Alfonsina Strada, the only woman to start the Giro d'Italia.

The Secret of Savona

Eddy Merckx won the Giro d'Italia five times between 1968 and 1974. Had it not been for the inconvenient presence of a prohibited substance in a urine sample during the 1969 race, it would have been six.

A Giro d'Italia Bookshelf

A Café Bookshelf guide to Giro d'Italia books available today.

Bike Nation, by Peter Walker

Cycling and the cities of tomorrow.