J-Rod out of Volta a Catalunya


A cyst on his left thighbone sidelines winner from last year.

PDC Kit Designers get their chance with Vaconsoleil_DCM


PdC has always had contributers talking about the designs of Team kits...Here is your chance to shine and see if you actually have the goods to design a kit good enough to be worn by a Pro Team!! Ohhh and you get a ride in the Team car!

Jens! "What helps to win races is to be stronger than any other."


Some radio stuff in here relates to his interview on the topic and the quote is his response when asked if radios help him win from a break. Typical Jens!ness which we all love, right?

The new face of Doodsmak


Sorry Angel Gomez, you've been replaced.

15 virtual DSs cry


as Frederik Willems is out for months, with something something friction syndrome. That's something to do with his knee, and it's bad. Immediate surgery, three weeks no racing or training at all, earliest come back in two months.

Issues highlighted principally related to the clarity of roles and responsibilities of key staff,...


Issues highlighted principally related to the clarity of roles and responsibilities of key staff, of financial accounting and transparency between the two programmes, and the need for more effective communication between the various partners. There was clear evidence that British Cycling had already identified the main risks and was working on them, but where further action could be taken the report suggests positive recommendations on how best for the sport to proceed.

Deloitte review of the links between British Cycling and Sky / Home Very interesting - British Cycling say it's a generally positive review...

Specialized is launching an aero road bike this weekend apparently


The Venge. I bet they would love for Cavendish to win a monument in its' first race. I like picking out which Garvelo riders are on S3s vs. R5s when watching races, now I get to play the same game with HTC. My only issue is - why do they think working with a Formula One team is good marketing? A bike isn't a car. And 40 miles an hour isn't 200 miles an hour.