The Weekend Report - Don't be a fool..Is April!


F***k March went by too quick or something. Soon enough I will call this the Pablo's rides report.

The Weekend Report *March already!*


With the start o the new season there is a lot of post and we are getting buried so look for it here!

The Weekend Report


Our little corner of the web

The Hidden Weekend Report


Blah, blah and blah.. No one ever reads this so!Back to normal social drinking and some riding as well!

No Tour of Oman 2020


Real shame as it was the only race from that region worth watching.

2019 Tour de France Panini album giveaway


I have an extra album with a few hundreds of stickers (only a few have been put into the album) and most of the collectible cards if someone is interested. PM me for details, I'll be happy to ship within the US.