VDS: the big wigs (24+pt.). Which, if any, are worth it?

  1. Rodriguez- improved support, wins elusive in 2010.
  2. Gilbert- prime candidate for three of the monuments.
  3. Farrar- relatively versatile, no tour stage/monument yet.
  4. Cavendish- still the fastest, underperformed in 2010.
  5. Schleck- about as likely to win the Tour as you can get.

GreenEdge Cycling press conference report - new men's AND women's teams for 2012?


Planning a pro Aussie men's and women's team for 2012 onwards - we knew about the men's, but not about the women's... There's more information via the link. Amber Halliday was also at the Press Conference and tweeted information as it went

Auction to Support Queensland Flood Victims


Myself & Jarrod from jpxphotography started an auction to support the Queensland Flood Victims, all money less ebay fees is going to the cause & I am paying for postage of items as part of my donation. Please check it out..

"I don't see him as a threat for the GC. It was a fluke year and he had good teammates and although...


"I don't see him as a threat for the GC. It was a fluke year and he had good teammates and although he won't say it he won the Tour because of us."

Philippe Gilbert has a little fun at training camp: hits 119 km/h on his bike


"Fast? That was all? If you really do your best, you can get 140 km/h easily. I've even ridden faster before, though I cannot remember what I did," Made me think that I've done 76kph, no big deal, but there aren't any big hills here in Florida. Any body else got big numbers? :D

The Inner Ring does some investigation into GreenEDGE rumors


GreenEDGE may be making more enemies than Sky did.

Bad news for Tiger Woods and David Beckham: using sportsmen in advertising does not work - Telegraph


Why do we care? Well, this was comical - & a good point - a bad ad is a bad ad, no matter who fronts it.... "Right at the bottom we found individual adverts featuring Lance Armstrong (minus 28 per cent) and Tiger Woods (minus 30 per cent).... Does Armstrong’s low score in the Ace Metrix survey suggest that Landis’s handful of mud has stuck? Perhaps. But is it not equally possible that this was just a bad piece of advertising?" And it did surprise me that the best result was only deemed "to have lifted the value of a campaign by a measly 1.5 per cent" - although if I were in the market for a satnav, I'd definitely buy Garmin, etc, cos i love that they sponsor the team, but I haven't been tempted to buy Bran Flakes cos of Chris Hoy....

Someone went nuts this winter?


"At the Tour of Flanders I'll watch my rivals, especially people like Boonen and Cancellara, see what they do and then decide if it’s the right thing to do. If I get in a situation where I can win, then I follow my instincts and go for it. " - Peter Sagan, cobbles debutant

Cavendish on Greipel: "We are actually lovers"


funny stuff, makes me like Cavendish even more ;)

Possible alternative to "UCI-approved" frame sticker?


Anybody can be a critic, but it takes real guts to offer a solution. Hans was up to the challenge.