On to the important things: HOTTITUDE


Now that the VDS values are out, let's move on to the important stuff: hottitude values. Start point - Boonen with scruffy beard: yay or nay?

Lesson of HTFU tought by my 5 year old.


This is a lesson of HTFU for all those that said it was too cold for a ride.. Felix asked me to go for a ride and he didn't want to come home when we turned around.

Cyclists' map of California, 1896


Cool old time map. Here's the link to make it bigger:



I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the support all season long.. For putting up with all my questions and posts about whatever is bothering at that particular moment... I want to say "Thank You" because one way or another you all helped me to get to where I am right now.. Thanks PdC for introduced me to this wonderful sport.

My new favorite race logo


Tour of the Dragons, 3-stage race over 2 days in Vermont. SImilar format to the Critérium International.

What's this hole for?


Anyone know what this hole is for? There is this one and another smaller one to the side. It's on the rims on my bike. Some searching on Google indicated it was holes to release welding gases, but the forum did not seem completely convinced on that answer.

Yes I was a good boy and Santa delivered earlier then usual to me this year.. It was very...


Yes I was a good boy and Santa delivered earlier then usual to me this year.. It was very unexpected (lying) and now I am having a minor problem with this bike and I would like everyone help to solve it... Problem is I can't think of a name for it and I believe someone here can come up with one that fits this bike and why not my personality.. Was thinking that the name that receives the most likes will be the winner... You can like more then one. So lets see what you can come up with..Thanks everyone..

Women's Cyclocross race in downtown LA


Women's Cyclocross race in downtown LA

Looking for a tittle for this pic.. What you got?


Looking for a tittle for this pic.. What you got?


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