Liquigas-Cannondale hit the Dolomites for training camp


These guys always look like they are having a big time. With all that depth, plus Ted King, who can blame them. They have the most dangerous GT stable around and have to happy with their prospects at the Giro (Nibs) and Tour (Basso). I think we will see a similar Basso at the Tour next year to the one we saw at the Giro this year, with his season loaded towards that event.

Quebec ProTour Plans & 2015 Worlds Bid


"One thing that we know already that we are going to do is add one lap to each race; however, since that will make them over 200 kilometres in length, we have to get approval from the UCI. But, it is something that [Technical Director] Charly Mottet has recommended. Although the races did not finish with the peloton together, it was not far behind, so adding one more lap could change the [dynamics] of the race a lot."

Sugar Labs to back Garmin-Cervelo’s development team in unique arrangement


Just when I was beginning to wonder if Garmin/Vaughters were losing their focus and ready to do anything to be number one in the world they go and do this. Hurray for sugarlabs and Vaughters for making this happen.

FDJ not PT because of...

"It's sad to say but it's the truth. Française des Jeux would have got their ProTour licence if their application was perfect and if they had sent all the contracts to the UCI on time," Carpani said.

Why "Chicken" can’t cross the road?


You perfectly know what road I am talking about! The very famous "Second chance avenue" Some people slithered across, some jumped over it, but "Chicken" get repeatedly hit by the bus! Danes love him, we are ready to forgive. Are we? Or not?

Team ASPTT Dijon Bourgogne Cyclisme Féminin - A new Womens UCI team for France


From the ever well informed Gwénaëlle Riou comes news that team Bourgogne Cyclisme Féminin, who only took out a French national licence in 2010, are looking to step up to UCI level for 2011. They so far have support from the Conseil régional, ASPTT Dijon, Prodialog, Crédit Mutuel de Dijon, plus numerous smaller supporters. Taking out a UCI licence ain't cheap, with a bank guarantee of 120,000 needed up front, but if they've got that far then it sounds like their team captain/manager/everything Sylvie Gaillon has the energy to do the rest. The FFC are due to make their decision on December 10th. And is this a first for French women's cycling? In an interview at the start of 2010 Gaillon stated clearly "If I had such a budget I would prefer to pay the girls."

"Ex Cobra" has such a intense plans for the first half of the 2011 season!


Please people, be an open minded! He is VacansOleil now after all! And right in the middle of the article the phrase " VacansOleil Tout Squad"! Balm! Pure Balm for my soul!

At last!


Cyclingnews says it's official. Cance to Lux.

Stephen Roche wants to win a jersey


Am I the only one who finds this funny?