Les Lacets de Montvernier


An attempt at a drone video of these great hairpins

Moo Productions


1st attempt at video with a drone

MVDP beats Wout in one of the best (road) races of the year...Dwars door het Hageland


Dirt roads that were nice and muddy. WT status for this race immediately. Senechal watch: 6th

Working in chaos: a mechanic's view


A bad crash and a crazy work environment. Just another day in the Tour de France

Women's Fleche Video


The long recap of the latest round of the World Cup

2.5 hour history of the ronde (from youtube)


pix of winners, from inception; bits of old film starting 1932; proper race highlights from ~1934; goes through the 2003 Van Petegem win. Apologies if this is a re-post (won't hurt to watch it twice). May run better off of youtube. Can't figure out how to link it as a live link, instead of a vidy, so here's the copy pasta link:

BMC Roubaix recon

recon of last km of Paris-Roubaix from Daniel Oss on Vimeo.

Onboard camera with Daniel Oss as BMC go through a bits of the pavé sections in the Roubaix finale.

Trofeo Binda Highlights


Second round of the World Cup in Cittiglio.