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Summoning up the Energy to Write about this Andrea Tafi Nonsense

Podium Cafe's Vuelta Roundtable!

So we're back again for some semi-coherent discourse, this time for the Vuelta. Yet again, we bring you another PDC member, who we lured into the trap of debating this stuff with us. Topics covered include Conor's willingness to triple Galicia's exports, Chris' turnaround on Nairo, and Jens' love of the Tour de L'Avenir.

Abandons and Transfers: Monday Night News Roundup

At least it's Monday night where I am.

Gavia Goes to Vegas for Interbike

I went to Las Vegas for Interbike. Here is a story about it. Sometimes I write like a journalist, sometimes I don't. This time, I didn't.

What's up in the Tour de Suisse?

Is it the Tour de Sagan or the Tour de Suisse? Surprisingly, there's even more going on in Switzerland.

Shenanigans! Schleck-Contador Transfer Rumors

Transfer rumor shenanigans! Schleck, Contador, Riis and Bruyneel switching places?

Vincitori e Vinti: l'edizione Giro

Who was hot and who was not? Douglas looks at the first half of the Giro to answer it. Special guest appearance by the Tour of California!

Winners and Losers: Ardennes Edition

Douglas takes on the biggest winners and disappointments of the Ardennes classics.

Winners and Losers - Post Cobbles Edition

Douglas gets a little snarky and opinionated with a run-down of winners and losers from the cobbles season.

Winners and Losers: Bumpy Roads Edition!

Who's hot and who's not? You might be able to answer that on your own, but we make it easy. With added snark!

Milan-Sanremo rider preview: What separates the special from the very special?

Milan-Sanremo rider preview: What separates the special from the very special?

Winners and Losers, Round 2!

Winners and Losers, Round 2!

The Session: Putting The Pedals On

The session, a weekly column by Jen See at Podium Cafe.

The Session: Sweet Anticipation

The session, a weekly column by Jen See at Podium Cafe.

The Session: Days of the Dope

The session, a weekly column by Jen See at Podium Cafe.

Talk Show: Camels, Bike Racing, and Interpretive Dance

Podium Cafe chats about the news of the week.


Podium Cafe checks out all the off-the-bike shenanigans in pro cycling.

Tour de France Gossip!

During the three week Tour de France, the riders get up to plenty of hijinx between stages. Here are some of the stories from the past three weeks.

HTC's Future: Announcement Imminent?

HTC's Future: Announcement Imminent?

The Session: Cobbled Dreams

The Session, Gavia's haphazard column at Podium Cafe. This time, cobbled dreams.

The Session: A Year in the Rearview

A Year in the Rearview. Gav looks back at the 2010 season.

The Session

The Session, Gavia writes some stuff about cycling. Celibacy, doping and flames. You really can't go wrong.

Tour de France Gossip! Dog Years and Cathedrals in Bakersfield

Tour de France Gossip! Today's installment from Gavia. In this edition, dog years and cathedrals in Bakersfield.

The Session

What's up this week in professional cycling? We've got mountains, mudslinging, zombies and hamsters. Read all about it!

Giro Gossip: Arrivederci Italia!

A look back at this year's Giro d'Italia.

The Mortirolo Plays King-Maker, Tomorrow It's Gavia Day

Ivan Basso took over the race lead today at the Giro d'Italia after a big day in the high mountains. Tomorrow, it's Gavia Day, as the Giro races its final mountain stage.

Giro Gossip: Mountains of Unusual Size

The Giro d'Italia heads into the mountains tomorrow for a hard stage of climbing. Read all about it in this edition of Giro Gossip.

Giro Gossip! Overturning the Tables

Giro Gossip! Catch up with all the action at the Giro d'Italia. With three hard mountain stages to go, it's anyone's race to win.

Giro Gossip: Cat Fight!

Giro Gossip! Catch up with all the doings at the Giro d'Italia. In this edition, a fight breaks out in the bunch and a local boy celebrates a big win.

Giro Loco

Giro Loco! The heirarchy changed overnight at the Giro d'Italia, with a new race leader and an to the hopes of several big favorites.

Giro Gossip! Soap and Water

Giro Gossip! Gavia catches up with all the soap opera at the Giro d'Italia.

Che Giro!

Che Giro! The Giro d'Italia raced through rain and mud today, and World Champion Cadel Evans celebrated a hard man's victory.


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