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All the news from the pro CX world

Rainbows in the Mud, by Paul Maunder

Superprestige Hoogstraten, thru Patrick's Lens!

Our favourite photographer Patrick Verhoest got to the penultimate Superprestige on Sunday.

CX Worlds Day 2 LIVE

CX Worlds Day 1 LIVE!

After all the speculation, slipping on ice and ploughing through gravel we finally get some racing.

LIVE - CX Nats Weekend to Serve up Interesting Clashes

A Return and a Beginning

Ireland gets a team, in case you hadn't noticed. Oh, and a certain Ms. Vos is back in the CX scene!

Superprestige Ruddervoorde...Thru Patrick's Lens

Our favourite photographer Patrick Verhoest was there to capture all the action!

Veldrijden Weekly: Falling by the Wayside

Quite a frustrating week of cyclocross...

Veldrijden Weekly: We Got a Duel!

Zonhoven gave us a race of dreams, with the two dominant figures of the CX scene duking it out to the line.

This is a Post about Road Cycling

What else could it be about?

A Nys farewell: Sluitingsprijs Oostmalle LIVE

With Omloop and the real roadseason less than a week away we really ought not pay attention to cyclocross but this is worth making an exception for. After a 20 year career the legend Sven Nys is racing his final CX race.

Mathieu Puts His Foot in It, Rainbows for Van Aert

Another day of drama. Wout Van Aert took advantage of a crazy situation to take the rainbow jersey, with Van der Haar coming in second. It was Belgium's day in Zolder, with Eli Iserbyt taking the under-23 title as well.

CX Worlds Sunday LIVE

Gentlemen, start your's time to crown our two final World Champions of this year.

Saturday Recap: Motoring Around Zolder

Two good races, one incredible race, three new world champions, a possibly illegal bike, an amazing comeback and the disappointment of the host country.


Welcome to Zolder, home of the flattest road Worlds in history and now also the 2016 Cyclocross World Championships

Five Reasons Why Sanne Cant will not win Worlds

And five more why she will.

What an Odd Year

The world championships are next weekend, and let's face it, our tolerance for races with a tarmac allergy is waning, so I'm not going to be bothered to do much CX stuff after the rainbow bands are doled out. So I'm doing it now. Most of this is me thinking out life without the young guns.

World Cup Hoogerheide LIVE!

The World Cup comes to a close.

Lignières-en-Berry World Cup CX LIVE

Van Aert Shows His Mettle

Wout Van Aert attacked on the fourth lap of the Belgian championships in Lille, and stayed clear for a solo victory. Laurens Sweeck came second and Sven Nys rounded out the podium.

CX National Championship(s) Live Thread(s)

Everyone's first chance of the year to improve their jersey. It's dry everywhere, sad to say.

How to Win a CX Race While Avoiding Belgians

They are of course, the non-Belgian cycling championships.

GP Sven Nys LIVE!

It's Sven's own race to start the new year.

Azencross Loenhout LIVE!


SP Diegem LIVE!

As we all watch the 'cross by night...

Heusden-Zolder CX...LIVE!

This CX race is already great. Reason #1: Lars Boom is BACK! Reason #2: IT'S ON MY TV!!!

World Cup Namur...LIVE!

The World Cup continues with another World's Best CX Race.

Superprestige Francorchamps...Live!!!

Can Van der Poel get back to full form?

Flandriencross Hamme...Live!

It's called the Flandriencross, it's gotta be good, right?

Cyclocross 2014/2015, by Balint Hamvas

The 2014/15 'cross season, as seen through the lens of Balint Hamvas.

Epic December Ahead for Cyclocross

The noise that erupted for Mathieu van der Poel on the Koksijde podium was a cheer. The noise that erupted for Wout Van Aert on the Koksijde podium was a shout. But the noise that erupted for Sven Nys was a roar.

The Other World's Best CX Race

That is, of course, Koksijde. Oh, and we see the return of a familiar face.


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