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CX Series: UCI World Cup

Forget the timing chips, forget the Jupiler... it's Patrick Safety Joggers and White Leader's Jerseys at the UCI World Cup of Cyclocross!

Patrick Verhoest

Come one, come all! The UCI World Cup races are arguably the most prestigious set of events on the calendar, bringing in the biggest international field and heading outside the borders of Flanders (occasionally) to celebrate the sport with 'Cross fans in Spain, France, the Czech Republic and Italy. Netherlands too, although with the Superprestige crossing the border Dutch cross is less of a novelty than, say, racing outside of Rome. The nature of the series is varied, from the mellow Czech courses to the madness of Koksijde

Anyway, your calendar (with your 2011 winners):

  • 1/10 Tabor (Czech) (Pauwels) (and Pauwels in 2012 too)
  • 28/10 Pilsen (Czech) (Nys)
  • 24/11 Koksijde (Bel) (Nys)
  • 02/12 Roubaix (Fra) -----
  • 23/12 Names (Bel) (Nys)
  • 26/12 Heusden-Zolder (Bel) Pauwels
  • 6/1 Rome (Ita) (n/a)
  • 20/1 Hoogerheide (Ned) (n/a)