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Off-season fun: Tyler Farrar participates in Seattle 'cross race

Garmin-Sharp sprinter makes an appearance at a Seattle 'cross race.

Tyler Farrar lines up at a local Seattle cyclocross race
Tyler Farrar lines up at a local Seattle cyclocross race
Anne-Marije Rook

Seattle cyclocross racers and spectators got a nice little surprise at the unsanctioned local cyclocross race on Sunday, when Tyler Farrar (Garmin-Sharp) pulled up to the start line of the Pro/1/2 race.

The Woodland Park GP is the finale of the MFG Cyclocross series, and it's the best-attended race in the Seattle-area, drawing around a thousand racers and spectators.

The course varies year-to-year, and racers this year were treated to two running sections, barriers, logs, and even a snow-machine. Farrar faced stiff competition as Hagens-Berman's Steve Fisher sped off the start line and continued to build on his lead lap-by-lap.

After a spill during the second lap, Farrar found himself working hard to maintain a Top 10 position. But he managed to hold on and finished 10th, behind nine giddy locals who can now say they beat Tyler Farrar.

The Washington-native was a great sport and patiently posed for photos with his local fans. Farrar seems to be enjoying the mud and was spotted at a small Bellingham race earlier this fall.