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Women's 2014 Cyclocross Worlds

Watch the women's CX Worlds live at Hoogerheide, talk about it all in the comments, and after the race is over, re-live it, as the stream becomes the archive! Update - and if you want all the post-race videos, interviews and photos, I've collected them in a post on my blog.

Saturday 1st Februay, 15:00 European time (CET)

2pm UK; 9am USA EST and 1am Sunday morning Australian AEDT

Here go! The video at the top is the stream - and it's also being shown live on Sporza and on NOS Sport, so if you want streams in Flemish or Dutch, there are bound to be some in the three usual places - and for more help watching, especially from the USA, I have a guide.

There's a ton of information on the race website, including the programme for the whole weekend, the course map and the startlist. And if you want to know more about the women racing, and how they're feeling, some resources we've got:

As always, we'll have conversation in the comments, and if you're new to the Café or to cyclocross, please don't be shy, jump right in - we always love indoctrinating people, and we don't bite!