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Chloe Hosking Looking to Shine In the Coming Season

In a Q & A with Hitec Products UCK's new addition, Chloe Hosking, we talk about her leaving Specialized-Lululemon and her role on the new team.

Courtesy Team Hitec Products UCK

As we reported earlier this month, Hitec Products UCK is hoping to become a major player in the women’s peloton next season as they strengthen their roster with riders such as Rachel Neylan, Rossella Ratto, Emilia Fahlin and Chloe Hosking.

The latter will be one to watch this coming season as she's preparing to step it up. Young but experienced, Hosking previously rode for HTC Columbia, HTC highroad, and Specialized Lulelemon, and has become one of the world’s best sprinters, winning races like Drentse 8, Halle Buizingen and a stage at ‘Route de France’.

The 22-year-old Australian took a few minutes out of her vacation schedule to sit down and answer some questions for us:

- Hitec is really beefing up their roster, how does it feel to be among the new strong additions?

Chloe: They definitely are! It’s really exciting to be part of what I think is going to be one of the strongest teams in 2013. Karl, our manager, has worked really hard over the transfer season to build a team made up of some of the strongest international and Norwegian riders.

I believe it’s going to be a very complimentary team. You’ve got girls like Elisa and Rachel for the tough races and tours, and people like Emilia and myself for spring classics and sprint races. Having a stacked roster is always an issue but Karl has done well to recruit riders that have different strengths and who, I think, will all work cohesively together.

- What excites you most about this new team and opportunity?

Chloe: It’s an opportunity for me to step up. I’ve ridden for one of the best teams in the world [Specialized-Lululemon formerly HTC-Highroad] for the past three years and there were, are, so many superstars on that team. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to ride for that team but now I’m excited at the prospect of having more leadership and trying to teach what I’ve learned there to the younger and less experienced girls at Hitec.

- Do you see this as a chance to really shine as a sprinter?

Chloe: Definitely. It was one of my main reasons for choosing Hitec. It will give me more opportunities to go for race victories and to try and hone my sprinting abilities further.

- Any sadness about leaving Specialized-Lululemon and to no longer be riding alongside your coach, Ina Teutenberg?

Chloe: Ina and I will start working together in the 2013 season - it’s a new thing that I'm really excited about!

As for the sadness, definitely! I loved racing with all the girls on the team. We not only raced really well together but got on extremely well off the bike. It will be a shame not to be their annoying roommate anymore.

But there’s something to be said about comfort zones. I’ve been there since I turned professional and now was the time to either make a change or keep doing the same thing. What’s the saying? ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result’?

- Karl Lima said that what attracted him to you (aside from your achievements) is your ability to put you personal goals aside and sacrifice everything for the team when needed. Who will you be working for this coming season?

Chloe: I love cycling for a lot of reasons, but one of the highest on my list is the excitement and happiness I feel when I know I helped a teammate win. My hope is that, like on Specialized-Lululemon, every rider will get their opportunity.