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Kristin Armstrong still looking for stolen bikes; former coach rallies community

Armstrong's former triathlon coach creates Reward Fund for information leading to the bikes' returns.

Bryn Lennon - Getty Images

2008 and 2012 Women's Olympic Time Trial Champion Kristin Armstrong is still looking for her stolen bikes, she tweeted today.

Armstrong's 2012 Felt Road and Time Trial bikes, valued upwards of $30,000, were stolen while in shipping from EuroBike Germany to her home in Boise, Idaho. Armstrong says the time-trial bike is a symbol of all the hard work she put in and she's sad that somebody took that from her family.

In an effort to locate the bikes, Exergy Development Group has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the bikes' returns.

Meanwhile, Brandon Shuler, a friend and former triathlon coach of Armstrong, is trying to rally the cycling community in matching Exergy's reward.

"I'd like to see the cycling community match her team's generous $10,000 reward. No one is more deserving of the title of Olympic Gold Medalist or Mom than KA," Shuler states on the funding webpage. "She deserves our help to return these bikes to whom they rightfully belong, her and her family."

If the bikes are not returned, and the reward not paid within one year of October 1, 2012, on October 2, 2013, the funds will be donated to a scholarship in Kristin's name to fund future women's cycling development.